WATCH: Travis Kelce reacts to Taylor Swift altering ‘Karma’ lyrics to reference him

WATCH: Travis Kelce reacts to Taylor Swift altering ‘Karma’ lyrics to reference him


Travis Kelce and social media users are sharing their reactions after Taylor Swift included the NFL player in revised lyrics for her song “Karma.” As reported by The Shade Room, the two are speculated to have begun dating in September.

Taylor Swifts Gives A Sweet Nod To Travis Kelce As The NFL Player Reacts

Over the weekend, footage surfaced of Travis Kelce standing alongside Taylor Swift’s father, Scott. The pair were reportedly in a VIP section at Swift’s latest tour stop in Argentina. To add, the singer is currently embarking on an international tour called “The Eras Tour,” per her official website.

In the clip, Kelce and Swift intently watch as Swift performs on stage. The singer is not seen on screen. However, viewers can hear that she is singing her 2022 hit single, “Karma,” where she largely refers to the phenomenon as her “boyfriend” or “God.”

As the singer approaches the song’s end, fans expect her usual lyrics.

“Karma is the guy on the screen coming straight home to me”

However, as Swift performs, Kelce and the entire stadium realize that Swift has altered the lyrics to include his mention.

“Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me,” Swift sings.

Once the realization sets in, Kelce holds his face in disbelief as Swift’s father excitedly applauds. Furthermore, the stadium lights briefly turn red, seemingly as an additional nod to Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs.

Social Media Chimes In

Social media users have entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Swift’s nod to Kelce. Many users poked fun at Kelce’s dance moves.

Instagram user @_jelliethedon wrote.

“i’m hollering because sir that lil dance got too much seasoning for this 😂 they cute tho”

While Instagram user @thatsjust.diamond added.

“He dancing too groovy for that particular song 😭”

Meanwhile, others remarked that the singer and NFL player’s relationship just doesn’t feel “authentic.”

Instagram user @frenchh22 wrote.

“Something about this relationship don’t feel authentic to me 🤨”

While Instagram user @whereis_shay added.

“Let me know when this publicity stunt is over…. I’m tired 😴”

However, one social media user, @ericabroadous, defended Swift.

“Taylor literally doesn’t bother or bash anyone, yet people constantly bash her. She is dating a new guy and having fun. Let her live!!! Go Taylor!!”

Travis Kelce’s Previous Comments On His Relationship With Taylor

As The Shade Room previously reported, Travis Kelce opened up about his relationship with Swift after the singer made her initial appearance at a football game of his in September. Kelce spoke about Swift with his brother, Jason, on their podcast, ‘New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce.’

During the conversation, Travis Kelce explained that his friends and family “had nothing but good things” to say about the singer.” However, he seemingly insinuated that from here on out, he would keep their dealings private.

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